How can I apply for my first credit card in the United States?

How can I apply for my first credit card in the United States? You may have several ways to do that even if you have no credit history. If you are a student, you might try some student credit cards. They are easier to apply. If you belong to some universities, there is great opportunity that you will have a local university credit union. You could easily apply credit card from there and accumulate your credit history. Secondly, you might try to apply credit card in the bank where you have checking account. If that does not work, the last way is to apply for secured credit cards. You might have to deposit some money in the credit card but you could accumulate your credit history.

Keep in mind that never apply for too many credit cards at one time. It is better to reapply after waiting for several months. Otherwise, you will easily get rejected.

Another thing is about the permanent residents. The permanent residence only means in the address sense. If you have some temporary living place in the United States, you could choose that you are a permanent resident.

How could I have credit history without having a credit card? You could accumulate your credit by paying phone bill or rent on time. All the financial activities actually contribute your credit. Be on time for various payments. It takes time to build your credit history and also for the agents to update your credit reports.

What credit cards should I apply? It depends on your need. Different credit cards have different benefits. Some have cash back for what you spend; some have lower interest rates; some have higher credit line. It all depends. You might find some good credit card from the following companies, Citibank, MBNA, American-Express and discover.

How many credit cards should I have? I would recommend you having around five credit cards. It might hurt your credit if you have too few or too many credit cards. Also, it will take a lot of time for you to manage more than five credit cards.

You could apply multiple credit cards from one bank. Usually, a bank will have several different credit cards for different customer categories. You could also apply for secondary credit cards for your family. You could call the credit card company or do it online.


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